Face Time page 1Face Time page 2

Good looking and looking good.
Exclusive photography by Scott Hoover.
Model - Tucker Des Lauriers at Wilhelmina LA & Re:quest.

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Hot In the City page 1Hot In the City page 2

Things are getting hotter.
Exclusive photography by Lyall Aston.
Model - Carleen Laronn at Elite Miami.

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Tryst page 1Tryst page 2

Three's not a crowd.
Exclusive photography by Allen Zaki.
Models - Kari Michelle, Ben Schreen * Matthew Smith

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I'm Looking Through You page 1I'm Looking Through You page 2

Look and learn.
Exclusive photography by Mckenzie James.
Model - Ace Neumann at Elite.

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with fashions by:

The Girl Can't Help It page 1The Girl Can't Help It page 2

Bad girl bad girl whatcha gonna do?.
Exclusive photography by Shawn Reinoehl.
Model - Jeanne Bouchard at Trump.

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