A Slight Case of the Blues page 1A Slight Case of the Blues page 2

Denim time.
Exclusive photography by Sierra Prescott.
Model - Satoshi Toda at LA Models & New York Models.

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with fashions by:

Under The Pier page 1Under The Pier page 2

Water babies.
Exclusive photography by Bruce Hulse at Renee Rhyner & Co..
Models - Cade Hulse, Elliott Law, Cameron Neckers at DT Model Mgmt, Sarah Brannon, Quinton Grimm, Chris Kramer, Sadie, Denise Schaefer at LA Models, Davia Lopez at Nous.

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Modern GIrl page 1Modern GIrl page 2

She's very now.
Exclusive photography by Scott Hoover.
Model - Chloe Mills at LA Models.

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Suitable madness.
Exclusive photography by Darren Black.
Model - Max McCormick at First.

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A whole new wave.
Exclusive photography by Nik Pate.
Model - Caleb Dobie.

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