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I want to be a football hero.
Exclusive photography by Nina Duncan.
Models - Max Jablonsky, Joey Jennings, Kristof Kralik, Nick Lacy, Cody Saintgnue, Corey Yates at Next LA,
Tyler Bartel, Spencer Burhoe, Adam Lindholm, Matt Williams at Two Mgmt,
Dominique Fenison, Bryce Howard at Vision LA,
Vince Sant at Wilhelmina.

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with fashions by:

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Beach blanket beauty.
Exclusive photography by Kyle Deleu.
Model - Alex Knight at Ford.

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Hang Out Day - a film by Cully Wright.
Music by Lab Coast.
Cast - Alex Taraghi at Q6.

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Hang Out Day page 1Hang Out Day page 2

Alex takes a trip.
Exclusive photography by Cully Wright.
Model - Alex Taraghi at Q6.

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Wistfully gorgeous.
Exclusive photography by David Apeji.
Model - Fruzsina Molnar at Hollywood Models & Models 1

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