Focus: Nicole Meyer by Jim Malucci page 1Focus: Nicole Meyer by Jim Malucci page 2

The focus is on Nicole Meyer.
Exclusive photography by Jim Malucci.

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with fashions by:

Cold Day In Georgia page 1Cold Day In Georgia page 2

Country my boy.
Exclusive photography by Jacob Senfeld.
Model - Jared Senfeld at New York Models.

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Trio page 1Trio page 2

Three's company.
Exclusive photography by Germán Nájera.
Models - Karina Villa & Ivy Timlin at Paragon, Agata Descroix at GH Management.

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The Eyes Have It page 1The Eyes Have It page 2

Different ways of seeing.
Exclusive photography by Levon Baird.
Model - Seth Turnbull at London Mgmt.

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